I am passionate at what I do; I love creating great looking modern and professional websites using the most up to date and best practices. All my websites are hand coded, they are not just templates created in Dreamweaver that are badly put together and coded.

When building a website, I begin creating the layouts using Photoshop or Illustrator, then I use Sublime Text to produce a cleanly coded HTML and CSS website this may also include Javascript and PHP.

I also create custom WordPress themes this is a must have for most clients, this enables the client to change and edit the content of their website without contacting the developer for simple text and image changes.

All my website and WordPress Themes are responsive, this allows the website to view the website on a large percentage of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The design adapts to the screen size of the device and allows you to clearly scroll and see all the content. This takes away the effort of having to zoom in on a website page that is too large.

I also have a range of other skills such as Computer Support, Video Editing, Basic SEO and Web Hosting.